Wednesday, 08 November 2017 04:24

Where Is Luke? for Nov. 8, 2017

Written by  Lori Helms
Where Is Luke? for Nov. 8, 2017 Lori Helms

Last week’s picture of Luke at The Cycle Path on N.C. 115 in Cornelius was correctly identified by Charles Guignard, Lynn Keating, Lisa Koppenhofer, Jenna Gibson, Tamara Dietzel, Team Joe Payment and Scot Mascioli, John O’Neill, Andrew Mayse, John J. O’Stafy, Cindy Wilber, Jacquelyn Campo (“Hopefully mommy is getting a bike where Luke can ride sidecar.”), Ann Fauci (“Luke is waiting for his bike to be fixed.”), Brenda Motrie, Dan Boone, Janet Spain, Steve True, Janine Aufiero, Robert Gilhool, Holly Allen, Judie Petendree, and J. Daniel Johnson's kids, Caroline and James Johnson.

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