As I entered middle age, I began to notice that senior citizen friends of mine seemed more and more humorous as they aged. Then, in our mid-forties, Judy and I learned we were going to be having a fourth child after our first three children were already grown. After we regained consciousness, we were delighted at the news. We became recipients of countless one-liners.

I wrote recently about our cat, Salem. As a responsible parent I had been forced to put her in “timeout” because of some mischief. She is usually a model cat. However, she went on a bender and stayed away over a four-day weekend.

My life is filled with fragments. I’ll wager yours is too. Stuff is always happening for most of us. We see something or hear something that stimulates our imaginations, or we have a thought that helps us make sense of our journey through the potholes of life.

I have written before about our cat, Salem. As a responsible parent, I have been forced to put her in “timeout” because of some recent misbehavior. She is usually a model cat. However, last weekend she went on a bender. My beloved, Judy, opened the door and Salem shot right between her ankles into the darkness. She is jet black, so it was like magic. She instantly disappeared as if by magic.

Many of you know that a few months ago, after a long effort to save it, I lost my left leg below the knee. Then, because of complications, I spent five months in the hospital and a rehab center during which time I also suffered a stroke. When anyone is confined in a hospital that long, this is a sign that things are serious. I was a pretty sick puppy.

Don’t feel bad if the name Charles Hatfield does not strike an immediate bell for you. It may be a blessing or may be a curse for me, but I have a brain full of random facts rattling around in my skull.

Dr. Johnny Farmer, my minister friend from St. Simon’s Island in Georgia, sent me a note that you might enjoy.

Monday, 28 August 2017 16:07

Taking note of the signs of the times

Summertime is a good time to take note of the signs of the times.

Most folk get a few days of vacation to get some relaxing travel in, if only on a long weekend. Then Labor Day comes and we reset for the arrival of autumn.

So, while we are on the road, why not take note of the signs of the times?

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 08:23

Some days, I just feel sorry for God

I know this sounds like a crazy thing to say but sometimes I feel sorry for God. Think about this for a few minutes. The God of the Bible has many attributes that speak of ultimates.  We say that God is all powerful, omnipotent. God is all knowing, omniscient. God is everywhere present, omnipresent. Eternal, forever. Alpha, the beginning. Omega, the end. All everything good, just and true. I mean, if the human mind can think of an adjective that conveys qualities of perfection and power, we have applied it to God.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 07:30

Hot summer days, wild daydreaming

Summertime is a fine time for daydreaming. The temperature is two degrees below boiling. The humidity is two percent below drowning. Bubba is about to explode in human spontaneous combustion. But God is merciful and good. And down here in the South we can count our many blessings. 

Call me an old fossil if you wish, but … (My beloved just looked over my shoulder at these words with which I begin this column and said, “That’s a good way to start.” Isn’t 56 years of marriage romantic?)