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Horse's Mouth for August 9, 2017

Written by  Staff

“This is ugly as sin.”
— Cornelius Commissioner Dave Gilroy referring to the parking lot shown on the proposed site plan for an expanded Mama’s Pizza Express.

“It’s time for Tastee Freeze to go.”
— Wayne Herron, planning director for Cornelius, referring to the current Mama’s Pizza building that will be demolished upon completion of the new restaurant on the property.

“She wants to learn how to shag. I don’t know how to do that, but we’re going to learn.”
— Herron sharing plans he and his wife have made concerning the new ballroom facility coming to town.

“Apparently, we’re not on the top shelf of their priorities.”
— Huntersville Town Manager Gerry Vincent, simplifying and underscoring one of the obstacles the town has faced in trying to work out a new agreement for police dispatch services with Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

“If I could be king for a day, I’d change it.”
— Huntersville Commissioner Mark Gibbons referencing the current policy that requires road congestion to exist before funds are approved to make road improvements.

“Hopefully, we can give him plenty to talk about.”
— Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla with a reference to Boy Scout Jack Suthard, who led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance at Monday’s meeting and was also assigned to write a report about the meeting.

“I’d like to basically get another bite of the apple on this.”
— Huntersville Commissioner Danny Phillips explaining that he would like additional time to examine and possibly alter parts of the town’s agreement with the Huntersville Fire Department.

“Progress? That was an energy company in Raleigh that Duke Power absorbed.”
— Huntersville Commissioner Charles Guignard sharing his opinion about some of the road work changes and preparations underway in Huntersville.

“It would be easier in another town, I know that, but this is where we want to be.”
— Nish Patel, president of the company proposing a new hotel in Davidson, acknowledging that the development process can involve more community feedback in Davidson than in other places.

“It’s an educational trip as well as a basketball trip. Our guys don’t get an opportunity to take a junior year abroad, so this is a snapshot of that. … It’s vital that they see a different culture.”
— Davidson basketball coach Bob McKillop on his team’s 13-day overseas tour of Italy and Slovenia.

“Whether it’s the food, the ambiance, the culture, it’s extraordinary.”
— McKillop on the “hidden gem” of Slovenia.

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