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Abbott enjoys time on the water, in the air

Written by  Staff
Rex Abbott began wakeboarding at age 5. Rex Abbott began wakeboarding at age 5. Courtesy Ali Abbott

Rex Abbott is not your average 8-year-old.

In the last few months, the Mooresville resident and Davidson Day student has won national and world titles in wakeboarding. He got into the sport at age 5, and was a natural. He loves it.
 Abbott’s favorite tricks are a half cab wake-to-wake, a heelside stale fish shifty and a heelside 360 wake-to-wake. All that’s to say he is pretty good.
Abbott perfects his craft on the water as often as five days a week, but he stepped off his board long enough recently to answer a few questions from sports editor Justin Parker. The interview is edited for brevity and clarity.


Citizen: When and how did you get into wakeboarding?
Rex Abbott: I got into wakeboarding because my dad liked to wakeboard. I wanted to do it because it looked cool and fun. I asked him if I could try so he brought home a wakeboard for me one day after school. I got up on my first day and have loved it ever since. 

Citizen: What do you like most about it?
Abbott: I love it when I go big — it feels cool when I grab the board. It keeps me cool when it is hot out. I also like going to contests because it is fun to see all of my friends, fun to compete and usually the results turn out pretty good for me.

Citizen: How do you decide what jumps, etc., you’re going to do?
Abbott: It depends on the contest.  Sometimes it would be going big with grabs.  Other times it will be to do as many 180 grabs as I can fit in. I work with my dad and my coach to plan my runs.

Citizen: I heard you lost a tooth on the water recently. What happened?
Abbott: I was trying a wake-to-wake 360 because I kind of lost those. My knee went up and hit my face and knocked my tooth out. The tooth fell into the lake. Luckily, it was a baby tooth. Now I wear a mouth guard so it won’t happen again.

Citizen: Where are the most memorable places you have competed?
Abbott: Canada was for sure the best place; Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Jibtopia (near the N.C. and Virginia line) and Lake Norman because it is my home lake and there aren’t many contests here.

Citizen: When you’re not wakeboarding, what else do you like to do?
Abbott: Think about wakeboarding, jump on the trampoline (to practice tricks), snowboard, wake surf, wake skate, skateboard and exercise. Now that it is football season, I like to watch Michigan football with my dad — Go Blue!

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