Wednesday, 08 November 2017 05:40

For your next new phone, try speaking with your iWallet

Written by  Cassie Fambro

With $1,000, you could get a head start on your mortgage, offer a one-time scholarship to a high school student, make a donation or a wise investment. Instead, millions of people choose to buy an iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the latest in the popular series of smartphones that have become more of a status symbol addiction than a truly useful innovation. The entire phone is made of glass, and when CNET, a well-regarded tech website tested it, it shattered on the first drop. Splinters ran through the glass on all sides, from one, single drop.

You’re telling me that in 2017, we can have robots performing open-heart surgery, but a $1,000 iPhone isn’t shatterproof? But we as consumers still reward failures in innovation by blindly standing in line, waiting for the newest phone because it’s just what people have become accustomed to. Shiney new payment plans allow users to pay $30 a month until the phone is paid off, or when the next one comes out.

For what purpose? Most people use their phones to surf the web, read articles, scroll through social media and send emails. The greatest innovation has been in the cameras newer phones have, reaching professional camera standards. Sure, there is facial recognition and other high-tech features advertised to entice buyers, but who asked for that? Who needs it? We continue to buy things we don’t need, just to have them.

And Apple knows it. They release updates that affect older models, slowly phasing out the phones and forcing customers to purchase the upgraded, far more expensive models. We’ve reached a point where people are spending $1,000 on a new phone for no real reason. Last Christmas, iPhone 7s were flying off shelves, and the phones work just fine, still. And aren’t fully made of non-shatterproof glass.

Coincidentally or not, it was just a month ago that Apple released an update that affected the battery life on the iPhone 7 severely, making it frustrating for users who found their phones dying mid-day thanks to an update they were forced to download. Innovation in technology is supposed to be rewarded. Things that make life easier or smarter and more efficient should come in high demand.

But right now, Apple could put out the iToaster and people would buy it just because everyone else is. It might not even perform a toasting function, but if it comes in rose gold, watch out, there will be a Black Friday style line. People forget that they control products and development with their wallets. No one wants a phone that shatters, so don’t buy it.

That will tell Apple that making a shatterproof phone is important. $1,000 is too much for a phone that doesn’t make me coffee in the morning.

Don’t buy it. Clutch your older model and your wallet and let that show tech developers that customers won’t stand for useless updates at a ridiculous price. Sure, there are those who use their phones for advanced purposes that need the latest and greatest lasers, gadgets and apps. Most of us just want to be able to watch Netflix on the plane and not have to buy an entirely new phone if we fall asleep and drop it. Think before you follow the herd and consider what else you could be spending $1,000 on. The iPhone X doesn’t even come in rose gold, anyway.

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