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Where Is Luke? for Aug. 9, 2017

Written by  Lori Helms
Where Is Luke? for Aug. 9, 2017 Lori Helms

This picture of Citizen mascot Luke was taken somewhere in the Lake Norman area. Do you know where? Let us know by e-mailing the Citizen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include your name.

Last week’s picture of Luke enjoying a peaceful morning at Mimosa Cemetery on South Street near the McEver Fields in Davidson was correctly identified by Pat Millen, Jenna Gibson, Cindy Johnston (“Luke is spending some time in the shade … hope he had a few balls to chase.”), Dan Boone (“I think it was a Sunday about 10 a.m., and Luke was looking for a Mimosa and ended up on Mimosa St.”) and Meg O’Brien.
Our apologies to faithful “Where Is Luke?” follower Jenna Gibson for omitting her winning guess for Luke’s picture at Grand Oak Elementary in Huntersville from our Aug. 2 edition.

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