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Talk of the Towns for May 24, 2017

Written by  Staff

‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’

Talkers of a certain age are resolute in their belief that no good rock music has been written or recorded since the early 1980s, and those of a certain advanced age might argue that the era of quality rock music ended in 1979 — Disco notwithstanding.

So it was not without a high degree of anticipation by them that The Beatles Channel debuted on Sirius XM Radio last week, delivering a delectable collection of ear candy wrapped in a shell of glass and steel and served on a bed of asphalt during the Thursday commute.

And one Talker in particular was surprised to discover that the lyrics of some of their groundbreaking, iconic early tunes were so easily retrieved during that first morning session of left-lane karaoke performed before an audience of only an equally tone-deaf steering wheel.

Mixed in with the playlist were the requisite, LSD-influenced streams of sounds of imperceptible origins that “Peppered” their later years, but Talkers resisted the temptation to spin the knob, deciding simply to “Let it Be.” No “Help” was required as Talkers “Should’ve Known Better” what awaited them on other channels, and all in all the new channel was a pleasant diversion from the standard Sirius XM fare, political talk radio, mundane and repetitive oldies stations, and really non-professional local sports talk.

Slipping so easily into the melodies and lyrics of songs not heard in decades made Talkers wonder: had the Pythagorean Theorem been set to the tunes of the 1970s when they were in school, would that have made it easier to remember for algebra class?

We can only “Imagine.”

Non-truth, injustice and the un-American way

A local blogger of some prolificacy and whose stated agenda often manifests itself behind the dais at Huntersville Town Hall has recently cited (blamed) Talkers for a unanimous vote to extend an agreement with the Carolina Rapids soccer club, reversing a 3-2 vote from two weeks prior.

In a recent entry, the writer cited Talkers’ continued assault on conservative values, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet (a quick check of the voter registration logs may just surprise him), claiming such bias as reflected in print coerced town commissioners into changing their minds about the Rapids, thus wasting taxpayers’ money.

Just how an organization paying the town a half-million dollars over 10 years for prioritized field use is a burden on taxpayers is difficult to fathom. Still, Talkers would like to think they have enough clout that the factual reporting of that previous meeting by the assigned town beat writer and the follow-up commentary of another Talker who happens to be a Huntersville taxpayer are what swayed the  commissioners’ thinking.  But Talkers know better.

More likely, it was the volume of phone calls and e-mails the electeds likely received in the two weeks hence that changed their minds.

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    Shame on you for this article!


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