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Talk of the Towns for March 15, 2017

Written by  Staff

Fighting time

Talkers are detecting more bellyaching on social media sites than usual about the start of daylight saving time over this past weekend. As far as we can tell, it’s largely due to the lost hour of sleep, as if Americans live amid a bastion of healthy sleeping habits. Rooted in antiquated agricultural practices, many complain that the semi-annual time change is no longer necessary, and they want their hour back.

Even among Talkers themselves there are conflicting opinions about the shift from standard time to daylight saving time, but for this particular Talker nothing portends the promise of spring and the eventual wobbling of the Earth’s axis toward the vernal equinox like springing forward in early March.

Now there’s an extra hour of daylight for playing golf, tossing around the ol’ pigskin and grilling steaks without the need for artificial light. As an added bonus, during a week such as this, how else are we supposed to know that spring is near?

Mere hours after the springing forward of one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, we were greeted with a fluffy layer of snow, but with the temperature barely brushing the freezing point before climbing rapidly throughout the day, the winter wonderland not only melted, but dried up because the two weeks prior felt more like May than February.

Thanks to daylight saving time, and its opposing shift back to standard time in November, we can all rest assured that we know what time of year we are in, even when the weather would have us believe otherwise.

The South shall rise

It was inevitable, Talkers suppose, that once the Atlantic Coast Conference expanded to points far north that those north of the Mason-Dixon Line would soon be posturing about how they do things “up there” and we Southern rubes would do well to learn from their example. Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim put himself in just that position after his first-round loss in last week’s ACC Tournament in Brooklyn when he commented to the assembled media that he sees no reason the tournament should ever be held in Greensboro, that long-time hallowed home of the tourney.

He isn’t necessarily against the South per se, suggesting that because the tournament is a major media event that a major market such as Atlanta could be in the rotation with Washington, D.C. and New York.

That no matter where the tournament is played it is a major media event seemed to escape him, as well as location of the geographic center of the conference. With four ACC teams in North Carolina and four more in nearby states of Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia, Greensboro — which boasts a major market-sized arena — is no less suitable for the ACC Tournament than Boeheim’s preferred locales.

So why single out Greensboro? Perhaps given his team’s 0-3 record in the Tournament since his school sought asylum there after defecting from the Big East offers a clue. Non-stop flights to Syracuse on Wednesday afternoons are likely much easier to find from Atlanta, New York City or Washington.

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