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Horse's Mouth for April 19, 2017

Written by  Staff

“You are seeing the heart of this community. They will stand by people in their weakest moments, and I don’t know that I can describe a weaker moment than losing a child.”

— Huntersville Commissioner Charles Guignard praising the widespread community effort involved in securing a coordinated research program to investigate a cluster of rare eye cancer cases.

“I’d say it was absolutely productive.”

— Environmental scientist John Cassels summarizing his research in Huntersville that included interviews with patients and families impacted by ocular melanoma and the collection of information about environmental and historical factors.

“The families appear to be happy that we are involved — happy that someone is listening.”

— Cassels describing the response he received in conducting his geospatial analysis.

“I’ll be looking at their life stories and put together a space-time cube for each patient as part of the creation of a correlation matrix looking to identify connections.”

— Cassels describing the next phase of his project.

“I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

— Dr. Michael Brennan, who has coordinated a consortium of medical professionals and researchers now involved in the Huntersville research, describing his connection to the local project to town commissioners.

“Starting this summer, you’ll need to decide about issuing some bond money in 2019, and that’s fiscal year 2019 that begins July 1, 2018.”

— Huntersville Finance Director Jackie Huffman telling commissioners that the time frame for decisions on how to fund many of the projects on the town’s list of future capital improvements — including the option of accessing funds remaining from the town’s 2012 bond package — is not far away.

“This is a partnership that can’t be defined just by numbers.”

— Thomas Finlay, executive director of the Carolina Rapids soccer club, referencing the long-term arrangement between The Town of Huntersville and his organization regarding field usage at Richard Barry Park.

“It’s park and recreation, not park and revenue.”

— Finlay reminding Huntersville commissioners that the town department was created to provide services for residents, not as an income producer.

“Decisions are easy when you know what your values are.”

— Finlay, saying the slogan used in the Carolina Rapids program was also applicable to the decision Huntersville commissioners must make about renewing the sponsorship arrangement.

“We want 15 or 20 years. ... We want to be married to the town. Five years is just a friendship.”

— Finlay, in response to questions about a possible shorter-term agreement, explaining that the Carolina Rapids program wants a long-term partnership with the town. He added that a 10-year term was proposed because that’s the term of the town’s lease with the county for the Barry Park land.

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