• Tata: No detours anticipated for managed lanes

  • Old traditions, new additions

  • Amid the whirlwind, Grier settles in

  • Powering up new technology component at Hough

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Friday, 01 August 2014 18:48

Net gains: competition and fun

Badminton ties folks together at the Waymer Center.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:39

The 'club kid' grows into one of the best

Persistent and skilled, Rapids' Roberts comes into his own.

Feature Columns

  • Horse's Mouth for July 30, 2014
      “We have a fiscal issue we face today ... and we have to be very creative with how we address it.”— North Carolina Transportation Secretary Tony Tata on funding challenges for state highway projects. He was speaking to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Regional Transportation Coalition regarding widening I-77…
  • Letters to the Editor for July 16, 2014
    How can there be so little funding? The very basic question/comments I have are: 1- I shouldn’t need to fully understand the intricate details of the agreement or traffic solution methods as our taxpayer $ pay for NCDOT and CRTPO staff to look out for our best interest. 2- How…

Final Thoughts

  • Meddling media member mocking municipal madness
    There’s a meaningful method to municipal management, but Monday night it morphed, momentarily, into a monumentally maddening mess. In the end, Huntersville commissioners voted 3-2 (with Melinda Bales and Rob Kidwell opposed) to change the town’s zoning ordinance and reduce the “level of service” standards related to the number of…
  • Talk of the Towns for July 30, 2014
    A quiz to test your knowledge of the ‘best’ ’Tis the season for “best of” lists — from sports networks mired between seasons to publications seeking the simplest way to patronize potential advertisers while staff members are on vacation — and even the vibrant, always hopping Lake Norman region is not…
  • Where Is This? for July 30, 2014
    Where Is This? for July 30, 2014 This photo was taken somewhere in the Lake Norman area. Do you know where? Let us know by e-mailing the Citizen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure to include your name. Last week, Blaine Wikoff, Dan Boone and Hannah Scott identified our Where Is This? photo as a tree near the entrance…

Image of the week

  • Leap of faith Summer fun can some in many forms, as Pamela Core recently captured with this image of her daughter jumping from a friend’s double-decker dock into Lake Norman. The photo was taken with an iPhone.